The choice every griller has to make when grilling gas or charcoal? Some gas grills can look quite impressive and bolster all sorts of new gadgets and high-tech instruments for temperature control. Gas grills lack a key fundamental benefit Taste! If you grill with charcoal you get it there is no other taste and smell like it. The distinct smell of charcoal once fired up can't be confused with gas grilling.

Charcoal grilling is affordable and easy to use which is more inclusive for new grillers. There aren't any complicated instructions on setup or the fear of not hooking up the gas right. Charcoal grilling is open to all grillers regardless of skill or knowledge of grilling. It's a simple straightforward way to grill the best-tasting food.

The taste of charcoal-grilled food can't be replicated by gas grilling. Lump charcoal is made from wood and can retain the flavor profile of the wood like oak and hickory which add to the already amazing flavor of the charcoal flavor. Gas grills tend to have an unpleasant aftertaste of chemical or lighter fluid.

If you grill you get it there is simply no contest that charcoal grilling is the best for grilling food worth eating!

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