Accessories - Wood Chip Pack

Wood chips add to the tastiness of outdoor cooking. Adding wood chips and chunks to your smoker grill boosts the flavor of any grilled food.

The Wood Chips Blend Sampler Pack has 1 each:

Hickory and Mesquite are blended with Cabernet Soaked Wood Chips to enhance and compliment the flavors of beef and lamb; Mesquite and Apple Wood Chips are blended with Chardonnay Soaked Wood Chips to enhance and compliment the flavor of Poultry; Mesquite and Apple Wood Chips are blended with Chardonnay Soaked Wood Chips to enhance and compliment the flavor of Poultry.

Smoker Replacement Parts

The BBQ Smoker gives such a unique and iconic taste to any meat that goes through slow smoking at a low-temperature process. Ribs, brisket, pork, turkey, and chicken are the most common and favorite foods to smoke with various flavors of wood chips and parts of those foods can be left behind. Keeping a clean smoker and maintaining the parts of the smoker can help ensure the adventure of the BBQ smoker continues. 

The slow cooking process of these meats will no doubt leave behind the baked-on juices and pieces of food. When it's time to replace the cooking surface on your Americana Smoker we have the replacement cooking grate. 

The best way to make sure your food is cooked right and has the flavor and tenderness that smokers are known for is to maintain your smoker and that means replacing parts when needed. 



Maintaining a constant low temperature for a long time is key to achieving the desired taste and tenderness for smoked meats. Make sure you have a heat indicator that is working and functioning properly. 

Part of the maintenance of your smoker is making sure you can read and set an accurate temperature, which is essential as meats smoke at different times and temperatures. 

Charcoal Replacement Parts

The true test of how much you love using your charcoal grill is eventually needing to replace some parts. That's the sign of a well-loved and used grill, and when you need to replace your grill grate and ash pan we've got you coved. To ensure you have the best grilling experience with great-tasting food the best practice is to maintain a clean grill. 

The Main Cooking Grid for all 3000-4000 Series grills. This is the area of the grill that can tend to have charred food stuck to the cooking surface.

We consider this a badge of honor and show your love for using your Americana Charcoal Grill, but when it's time for a new grill grate we've got what you need to keep grilling. 

We know you'll be excited when you place that new shiny grill grate and fire up the grill for the next grilling adventure. Wherever you grill, grill with Americana Grills. 

Another part that can need replacing is the ash pan. This is where your charcoal will sit and collect the ash from the charcoal as it burns down.

The benefit of this ash pan is it lifts out for easy ash removal. With all well-used Americana Grills there comes a time when you will need to replace the ash pan to maintain a clean grill and continue the joy of grilling. 

The new design allows for better ash removal for an easy clean and put the ash pan back in the grill and lock the hood to store the grill.

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