4-in-1 Duel Fuel Smoker and Grill

Enjoy the flavors of summer with the Americana 4-in-1 Dual Fuel Smoker and Grill. This multi-functional smoker doubles as an electric or charcoal Lock ‘N Go grill. The interlocking hood and bowl can go with you to the campsite or the tailgate party. A 5.5-quart water pan ensures that your smoked meat is tender and juicy. A built-in temperature gauge allows you to monitor the temperature. Check on the water or add wood chips with the sliding access doors. Plug this smoker into standard electrical outlets. Smoke tender and flavorful food to perfection in your own backyard with this versatile and easy-to-use smoker. 


The Americana 4-in-1 Dual Fuel Smoker and Grill combines the best features of charcoal, smoker, and electric grills. This model gives you true versatility in cooking the best food. From the backyard cookout and smoking the best brisket to camping and vacation and converting to an electric or charcoal grill. 

Grilling is a great adventure and experience regardless of grilling experience. Americana Grills welcomes all grillers and is ready to start your grilling journey with you. Wherever you grill, grill with Americana Grills. 

Electric Tabletop Grills

Americana Tabletop Electric Grills allow you to enjoy flavor-packed, outdoor-cooked meals regardless of dwelling type. Perfect for condo, mobile home, RV and apartment residents bound by rules, ordinances or codes or homeowners just looking for a no-fuss, compact grilling solution. 

Don't miss out on adding a smokiness to your food with wood chips and planks. Americana even offers a duel fuel models that can use charcoal for those who want that iconic charcoal grilled flavor.  

Equipped with a reflector pan beneath the heating coil, it controls heat better than charcoal or propane and you never have to worry about replenishing fuel or inhaling noxious fumes. The high-domed hood with two adjustable vents helps foods absorb the perfect amount of BBQ flavor and the variable thermostat offers superb temperature control.

With 176 square inches of grilling space, the chrome-coated steel cooking grate holds an assortment of meats and veggies and the 1500-Watt heat source generates the higher temperatures needed to handle the thickest steaks and chops. All this and the safety of a UL and CUL listed heating element that plugs into any standard household outlet. The Lock N’ Go Portable Electric Grill features a wooden-handled lid that twists and locks to the base to easily transport it to your next outing.  Equipped with chrome-plated steel 176 sq. in. cooking grate Wooden-handled lid twists and locks to the grill base for easy portability Extra-high domed hood lets foods absorb amazing BBQ flavor Grill grate and reflector pan are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup Hood, bowl and pedestal covered with a beautiful and durable powder paint finish Minor assembly required; all mechanical and electrical components come pre-assembled Compact design allows storage where space is a premium Meets UL and CUL listing safety standards.



Americana Electric Grills

The Electric Grill may not be as well known as the charcoal grills and smokers, but is defiantly a great way to grill and a good alternative for those not as comfortable cooking with charcoal and open flame. We love grilling at Americana Grills and we want everyone to enjoy the experience and adventure of grilling great food. Electric grills are a great way for those new to grilling to give it a try without the worry of an open flame from a charcoal grill. 

These grills are also a great option for those living in smaller spaces with local codes and landlord requirements for use of grills with no open flame. Small space electric grilling doesn't necessarily mean a small grilling space we've got an electric grill to meet your cook needs. Americana's goal to make grill accessible and fun for everyone get the same thrill of grilling with an electric grill. 

Americana Electric Grills help you explore the true flavor of food without the charred or lighter fluid taste, but our grills do have an ease removable cooking grate to allow you to add wood chips for a deeper smoke flavor.