Americana Charcoal Grills

The Americana Walk-A-Bout Charcoal Grill. Our charcoal grills come one hundred percent pre-assembled for your convenience, which means it's ready to use no matter where the grilling adventure takes you.

332 square inches of cooking space so there's no need to compromise on what you grill. The Walk-A-Bout has a chrome-plated cooking grid and locking vented hood for easy transport or controlling the airflow while grilling.

Grilling is an experience of adventure accessible to everyone and ready to grill wherever life takes you from camping, tailgating, vacation, and backyard BBQ's. Grilling with charcoal is simple and easy to do, without the fear of using gas and making sure the set is right before lighting. Charcoal is easy add to your Americana Grill and light.

No need to worry about complicated instructions and is portable so wherever you grill you can grill with you Americana. Charcoal grilling is affordable and easy to use which is more inclusive for new grillers. There aren't any complicated instructions on setup or the fear of not hooking up the gas right. Charcoal grilling is open to all grillers regardless of skill or knowledge of grilling. It's a simple straightforward way to grill the best-tasting food.


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