Americana Electric Grills

The Electric Grill may not be as well known as the charcoal grills and smokers, but is defiantly a great way to grill and a good alternative for those not as comfortable cooking with charcoal and open flame. We love grilling at Americana Grills and we want everyone to enjoy the experience and adventure of grilling great food. Electric grills are a great way for those new to grilling to give it a try without the worry of an open flame from a charcoal grill. 

These grills are also a great option for those living in smaller spaces with local codes and landlord requirements for use of grills with no open flame. Small space electric grilling doesn't necessarily mean a small grilling space we've got an electric grill to meet your cook needs. Americana's goal to make grill accessible and fun for everyone get the same thrill of grilling with an electric grill. 

Americana Electric Grills help you explore the true flavor of food without the charred or lighter fluid taste, but our grills do have an ease removable cooking grate to allow you to add wood chips for a deeper smoke flavor.    

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