Electric Combo Water Smoker


This Americana Stainless Electric Water Smoker, with two 15-1/2-inch diameter grids, built-in heat indicator with two access doors.

  • 351 square inches of cooking space
  • 2 chrome-plated cooking grids and built-in temperature gauge
  • The stainless steel, chimney-like design with a loose-fitting lid and tight-fitting doors creates a constant flow of new smoke for maximum flavor.
  • With its extra-large 5.5 quart water pan, this smokers perfect the slow-cooking process so food is juicy and tender every time.
  • The UL-listed 1500-watt, CUL-listed heating element will plug into the standard household outlet. Heat-resistant wooden side and hood handles, as well as sliding access doors on the body, make checking and adding water and wood chips while cooking hassle free.

The chimney-like design with a loose-fitting, vented lid and tight-fitting doors creates a constant flow of new smoke for maximum flavor. Smoke flow may be minimized, without extinguishing the smoking source, by shutting all vents and only allowing smoke to vent around hood perimeter. Slow cooking feature allows for maximum flavor and moisture, perfecting a juicy and tender product with less effort.

The Electric Element with control. this is the element that allows for the temperature and cooking control. The Americana Electric Grills offer a zone control that ensures whatever your cooking everything is cooked evenly. Americana has electric models that allow for adjustable zone control making it easy to grill great tasting food every time. 

This quick heating element eliminates the need to wait for charcoal to heat o the right temperature before use. Your in control turn on the grill, set your desired temperature, and get grilling. It's that easy.  Electric grills allow the flavor of the spices and marinades to be highlighted since your not using lighter fluid that can mask the flavor or in some cases add a chemical taste that can be unpleasant. 

Cleanup is a breeze with electric grills. If no using charcoal, wood chips, or additives there is no need to clean ash or fuel sources. When finished grilling brush the grates to remove any leftover food particles and empty the removable drip tray. Americana Electric Grills come in a wide range of sizes and models to fit every grilling need. Americana Electric Grills are ease to bring along wherever adventure takes you from camping, tailgates, and vacation Americana Electric Grills are ready to grill wherever you are.  



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