Grilling with Charcoal

Charcoal creates a unique smoky flavor you can't get from other grills. There is no better flavor than charcoal-grilled food. Charcoal helps you sear in the taste of the charcoal while allowing the flavor of the food and seasonings to come through. Experience the adventure of grilling with Americana Grills with 332 square inches of cooking space, 100 percent pre-assembled, and folds to go anywhere adventure takes you.

Grilling is an experience of adventure accessible to everyone and ready to grill wherever life takes you from camping, tailgating, vacation, and backyard BBQ's. Grilling with charcoal is simple and easy to do, without the fear of using gas and making sure the set is right before lighting. Charcoal is easy add to your Americana Grill and light. No need to worry about complicated instructions and is portable so wherever you grill you can grill with you Americana. 

Charcoal has two types Lump and Briquette. Lump charcoal is made from wood and is clean-burning and produces high heat. Lump charcoal is made by burning wood without much oxygen for a long time. Briquette charcoal is made by combining sawdust, coal dust, an other binders ad additives. this can lead to a more chemical taste with the additive of lighter fluid. 




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