Stainless Steel Electric Water Smoker

Americana Stainless Steel Electric Water Smoker, with two 15-1/2-inch diameter grids, built-in heat indicator with two access doors.

351 square inches of cooking space
2 chrome-plated cooking grids and a built-in temperature gauge
The stainless steel, chimney-like design with a loose-fitting lid and tight-fitting doors create a constant flow of new smoke for maximum flavor.

With its extra-large 5.5-quart water pan, this smoker perfects the slow-cooking process so food is juicy and tender every time.

The UL-listed 1500-watt, CUL-listed heating element will plug into the standard household outlet. Heat-resistant wooden side and hood handle, as well as sliding access doors on the body, make checking and adding water and wood chips while cooking hassle-free. The Americana Stainless Steel Charcoal Water Smoker offers optimal control, longer cook time, and less monitoring than traditional charcoal smokers. Perfect for smoking chicken, fish, and other meats to a savory finish. 

Americana designed this smoker so that you can add wood and water without even removing the cover, so heat loss is minimal and meats are tender. Heat-resistant wood handles on the sides and hood mean easy transport and monitoring.

Perfect for smoking chicken, fish, and other meats to a savory finish. 

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